How to Order

I make instruments with custom elements for specific people so I don't have any instruments readily for sale. If you'd like to order an instrument  from me, please contact me directly to discuss pricing, options, and to be added to my list of orders. Currently the average wait time for a guitar is 3-4 years and a ukulele can be completed in around one year.  

Pricing varies depending on the project, materials, custom inlay, and other such specifications. The more work required, the higher the cost. Please contact me directly if you'd like to discuss the pricing of a specific build.

I am able to take deposits only when I am ready to begin a project, so please do not send me money until I contact you about starting your instrument and we have solidified pricing and specifications.

I wish I could provide an instrument for everyone who wants one immediately, but I simply am not able to do so. In order to try to remedy this issue, as well as make what I want to make/try out new materials, I periodically make instruments without orders attached to them. If you are interested in one of these instruments keep an eye out on my Facebook page for announcements of completion of these instruments or contact me to be added to a mailing list that announces their availability.

Before you choose me as your luthier, please note that I specialize in smaller bodied guitars (0-000/OM models) and ukuleles because dreadnought guitars are less enjoyable for me to make given my small hands and stature. They also require more materials and larger wood sets whereas I prefer to use wood sets that wouldn't otherwise have a use given their smaller size. If you have your heart set on a larger instrument with non-sustainable wood, I am able and happy to do it for you, but such instruments aren't my passion. If you'd like contact information for other local luthiers who specialize in such instruments I am happy to provide it. 

All of that said, I hope I am the best luthier for your build and that my instruments fit your criteria and needs. I look forward to hearing from you!